About Us

Spaces Commercial Real Estate was founded with the vision of offering clients a level of service typically reserved for the largest tenants. We combine the benefits of working with both a boutique and corporate firm by offering an unsurpassed client experience with the professionalism and expertise of a corporate firm.

NYC is one of the most dynamic and competitive markets in the world. It takes ingenuity, expertise, and tenacity to formulate and implement the right occupancy strategy for a business to excel.

Spaces analyzes each of our client’s business objectives and matches them with the optimal real estate solution. Services include advising on relocations, consolidations, subleases, acquisitions, dispositions, strategic planning, demographic and site consulting, comparative financial analysis, and post-occupancy services.

We believe that office space should be a tool for businesses to recruit the best and brightest, shape its company culture, and increase employee productivity. We’re dedicated to providing space that is affordable, flexible, and functional, while also conducive to increasing client creativity, productivity, and profitability. Our clients deserve nothing less.

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